Do you feel like you will never get over the pain of betrayal?

However, you're ready to move past the hurt, pain and broken feeling. You're ready to emerge live and exist as the thriving, healthy, exuberant woman you know you are!  

You can - its totally possible.  This series will help  you let go!

Get Your FYAH Back

(Forgive Yourself After Heartbreak)

3-Series Video Course


Inside this course, you will learn about guilt & shame associated with infidelity and the role it plays to keep you stuck.  You will learn about the stages of grief and be able to identify, in fact, if you are merely grieving and lastly, you will learn the steps you need to FORGIVE YOURSELF -- FINALLY ~ so you can enjoy your life again!

Guilt & Shame

Guilt and shame often go hand in hand, which is why they are easily confused.  I discuss the differences and how to heal from them.



Grief is a part of the framework that helps you learn how to live with loss.  It helps to put language to your feelings and your process is as unique as you are.

Forgiving Yourself

Most know forgiveness is a good thing, but what about forgiving yourself?  Even if you're pretty good at forgiving others, sometimes its difficult forgiving yourself.  I explore how to in this video.


This is for you if you:

Are ready to take responsibility for your own life

Are ready to TAKE BACK your power

Are ready to invest TIME and MONEY in YOU!


  • Are not ready to take responsibility for YOUR actions
  • Are still in the blame game
  • Are still wallowing in self-pity or seething in anger
  • DO NOT believe in doing YOUR work
  • DO NOT believe in investing in yourself


  • Freed2love

    “The thing I liked most was being able to talk to release things and be free to talk about whatever I want and not be judged. It made me look at myself and the things I was doing that was destroying myself. I looked at the things in my past that I needed to leave behind. I was angry all the time. I feel a little lighter. A little more free. I have direction now.”

    Tampa, FL

  • Freed2love

    “I found increased peace and an ability to let go, I like that Stephanie shared her personal experiences with us, she didn’t set herself apart and was an active participant, Stephanie is a wonderful listener, she’s very insightful and has a no-excuses attitude! I would definitely recommend this service because she will hold you accountable to make the changes necessary to grow! Stephanie has frequently made me think about my life in ways that haven’t always been comfortable but necessary in order to change!”

    Brandon, FL

  • Freed2love

    “As a result of working one-on-one with Stephanie, I realized that it was something I needed to do. It helped me because it opened areas of my life that needed to be exposed. It was so helpful to have another perspective from an outside viewpoint to get my attention.”

    St. Petersburg, FL